The Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line is available 24-hours a day for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their Residential school experience. 1-800-721-0066.


Miyo-wîcîwitowin Day Seat of Truth

One legacy piece of the Miyo-wîcîwitowin Day on September 29th 2022 will be a permanent orange seat in Mosaic Stadium.

This orange seat was officially unveiled during Miyo-wîcîwitowin Day as the Seat of Truth.

The seat will remind each of us that Truth must prevail and Reconciliation is our focus on behalf of all Residential School survivors and their families.

This seat represents a commitment by all who visit our beautiful Mosaic Stadium that this singular orange seat will act as a visual reminder of the truth that must be told so the actions of reconciliation can advance. This orange seat will not be used or sold; we will refer to this seat as Our Seat of Truth and it will always remain available for the spirit of those who cannot see our stadium due to the impact of Residential School. Any future football games or other events will always have a seat dedicated to the spirit of anyone who attended a Residential school.

It is a reminder to all that we need to walk and share together Truth and Reconciliation and we can never forget the impact of the past we all inherited and the importance of committing to reconciliation.

Our Seat of Truth is a call to action in the spirit of making concrete changes in society.